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AIRJACK is internationally patented, pneumatic lifting device for semi-trailers' landing gear, which makes the handling of the trailer easier.

The old way of removing the semi-trailer from the truck is to manually lower down the landing gear. The driver cranks the landing gear to the ground by using a crank handle and gearbox.

Infact Finland Oy has developed a unique new device on the market, which will be installed to replace the crank. With the help of this device the landing gear can be easily moved up and down just with a push of a button, utilizing also the existing gearbox.

In transportation business the freight schedules are tight and even a slight relief to the trailer hooking and un-hooking is an important competitive advantage.

Airjack speeds up the handling of the semi-trailer, which affects the profitability of the carrier's business.

Improved ergonomics and working comfort are very important to drivers and that affects directly the road safety.

Airjack is easy and fast to install, but very difficult to steal.

Thanks to Airjack's practicality it can be installed either in retrofitted or a new trailer.

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